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Buy cryptocurrency fast with PayID and Osko payments

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No withdrawal fees, no deposit fees

Experience zero withdrawal fees and zero deposit fees with Elbaite’s non-custodial platform

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Use any cryptocurrency wallet

Buy and sell cryptocurrency straight from your own wallet. Elbaite does not hold any cryptocurrency

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Elbaite features

Buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum and more

P2P Markets with over 8 different currencies

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OTC VIP support

Volume traders and OTC traders will have access to VIP services

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Free to sell

Elbaite is the only exchange where you can sell your cryptocurrency for free

No fees for sellers
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Experience the security of receiving and selling cryptocurrency straight to your personal wallet. Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and ERC20 tokens directly to your hardware wallet, online wallet or any wallet of your choice!

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Elbaite’s escrow bank account creates safety for both buyers and sellers. Elbaite will release the buyer’s AUD to the seller after the blockchain verifies the cryptocurrency has been sent. Bank details are never shared.

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How Elbaite works

Buyer purchases from an offer in the marketplace

Elbaite collects the AUD payment in minutes

Seller sends crypto directly to buyer's wallet

Elbaite releases AUD to seller's bank account

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